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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!  You have just found an AMAZING miniature!  Truly a work of art!  This is the "Penny Knife"!  Each one is Custom Made!  NEW, mint condition!  One of a kind, hand made!  No two are alike!  Using a US Penny, Mr. CW Shoemaker cuts out a TINY Bowie Knife from the center of the Penny.  He then grinds down the blade, which reveals the zinc to show a nice shinny metal blade (yep, pennies are basically copper plated zinc).  The blade is NOT sharp.  He leaves the original copper part of the penny for the bolster, and then grinds down the handle area to make room for adding the TINY genuine Ivory Handles, which are bradded in place by two even more TINY copper pins/brads!  And he even stamped his name on the blade!  SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!  The mini knife is then placed back into the penny, just like a frame!  You can easily take it in-and-out to admire it.  It comes in a nice round clear plastic box (as shown in the photos); it definitely helps to keep from losing it!!!  The Penny itself is only 3/4" diameter (0.75" or 19mm).  And the Knife is ONLY 5/8" LONG (0.625" or 15mm)!!!!  Yep, it's that TINY !!!! :)  I would even call it a Micro Knife!

As AMAZING as it is here in photos.... you have to SEE THE PENNY KNIFE in person to fully appreciate the craftsmanship!  It will be an INSTANT focal point to any Knife Collection (large or miniature)!  Check out the photos at the bottom of the Page too.   I was so impressed just seeing it for the first time, that after I bought one,  I had to open this site to bring this tiny piece of art to the WORLD!  Offering it to anyone who likes miniatures, knives, unique items, and unique gifts.  Since each Knife is hand made, they will not all look identical, BUT yours will look almost identical to the one in the photos.  The dates on the Pennies will vary, and as you can see from the photos, there may be some slight tarnishing on the shinny penny (but that can not be helped, all pennies will tarnish... just remember to keep yours wiped down, free of fingerprints).  The Knife in the photo is just for reference; yours will be the same design and hand selected. 

Basically WHOLESALE PRICES!!!  For a LIMITED TIME, get these GREAT PRICES!  Normally this amazing little Penny Knife is sold for $50.00+ each!  But to introduce the WORLD to Mr. Shoemakers great little Penny Knife, I am offering them for just a little above my cost!  Yep!  You are basically getting them for WHOLESALE Prices, in RETAIL Quantities!  And I do not mind letting you know! 

Buy more than one and SAVE!  One at only $25.00 is a GREAT DEAL, but if you buy 2 you will get 5% off (making each one only $23.75 each), and buy 3 to get 10% off (making each one only $22.50 each)!  If you are interested in larger quantities, please email me from the contact page (include your email address or I will not be able to reply to you).  I am sure I can place a larger custom order, and I will be happy to give you another quantity discount.  I only have about 10 of these great little Penny Knives on hand each month, and I will try to keep the site updated when I am sold out, but I will leave the Order Form open.  This way you can place the order, which I will then notify you if it is "Back Ordered", and ship it as soon as I have more available (normally within only 2 weeks).  At that time if you would prefer a refund, I will be happy to refund your total.  If I happen to be Sold Out and you would rather just be put on a "Back Order List" instead of placing an order, please just email me using the Contact Page, include your email address, and I will contact you as soon as I have more in stock.  Remember, each one is Custom Made, it does take time to get more.  As with my other site , I am doing this as a labor of love!  Not a business.  Therefore, I am very limited on time to reply to emails and pack & ship these great little Penny Knives.  I am strictly email based (mainly due to being gone early, home late, and almost zero cell phone service in between... working 4 jobs... Machine Shop, Family Farm, Custom Shop Work, and Home Life, which is truly a "job" in itself lol).  Please know that I will ship your Penny Knife as soon as possible, normally within 5 days of your order, and reply to your email likewise.  PLEASE, if you are in a HURRY for this great little knife, just know that I will do my best, but can not promise a delivery any faster than a week here in the USA, that accounts for processing the order and USPS shipping time, or up to several weeks for world wide buyers.  I hate to lose possible customers due to this fact, but that is how it is, and I let you know up front.  It is just me here, a one-man-show.  LOL!  And I appreciate your time and understanding!

To order one, two, three or more of these great little Penny Knives, please just click on the "arrow" beside the "One Penny Knife $25.00" to show the other two quantity options (if you want more than one).  Click on the quantity you want, then click on the "Add to Cart" button.  It will take you to a Secure Online Check Out through PayPal.  You can then use a Credit Card, Check, or your PayPal account if you have one.  Safe and Secure!  You can also click on "View Cart" anytime to go to Check Out.  Shipping & Handling for orders in the USA is only $6.00 for USPS Priority Insured.  S&H for worldwide orders is only $24.00 for USPS First Class Registered Mail (this allows for tracking and insurance to ensure that you receive your package, but can take up to several weeks for delivery), or worldwide buyers can select USPS Priority Insured shipping for only $32.00, getting there within 6-10 days according to the US Postal Service.

Beyond this site, I was inspired to make some of my own "Penny Designs"!  And for that inspiration alone, I would like to truly thank Mr. Shoemaker!  I have made Custom Miniature Knives, Wood Working Tools, 2mm Pinfire Guns, Carvings, etc...., but after owning one of Mr. Shoemaker's Penny Knives, I have been inspired with a lot of new "Penny Designs"!  Of which I hope to share soon.  

Also, if you are interested in ordering any of the Berloque Sets on my other site, simply add as many of the Penny Knives as you would like to your "Cart" now, and then click on , click on the number of Sets you would like, "Add to Cart", and your total "Cart" will be automatically updated.  Or if you would rather, please feel free to just email me the number of items you would like, and I will be happy to send you a PayPal invoice for the Total (just as safe and secure, through PayPal).  Soon I will be adding more of my Customized Berloque and Xythos to my site, along with more of my Original Designed 2mm Pinfires, like my 2mm Pinfire Pen Gun / Pengun as seen at my site   ... and MORE.  If you or anyone you know are a Mini Firearm or Knife Collector, or just like MINIS, please check it out.   Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to check out this great little Penny Knife!  Have a great day!

*****HEY!  Here's a little FYI:
A lot of you may be wondering the same thing I was... isn't this "defacing" US Money, and isn't that against the law?  Well, yes and no.  Cutting a knife out of a penny does literally "deface" it, but it is NOT against the law... as long as the penny is not "passed off" as a "different denomination".  That would be fraudulent defacing of US Money ("defacing", ie: altering it to look like a different coin to still be used as tender).  It is the same thing with jewelers making "coin jewelry" and the same as with all of those "Penny Press Machines" you see out there... pay 50cents, put in a penny, crank the handle and roll out a flattened penny with a cool design or logo on it!  Same thing.  I am no attorney and do not offer this info as legal advice, but here is some info I found, and I am happy to believe it:
"It is NOT illegal to use coins in jewelry and such, provided that you are not FRAUDULENTLY misrepresenting the currency as something that it is not... If you drill a hole in a quarter and say it is a quarter on a necklace. Even some high class jewelry stores in malls have cufflinks & stuff with coins set in them, doing so based on the law that follows":

"Section 331 of Title 18 of the United States code provides criminal penalties for anyone who "fraudulently alters, defaces, mutilates impairs, diminishes, falsifies, scales, or lightens any of the coins coined at the Mints of the United States." This statute means that you may be violating the law if you change the appearance of the coin and fraudulently represent it to be other than the altered coin that it is.  As a matter of policy, the U.S. Mint does not promote coloring, plating or altering U.S. coinage: however, there are no sanctions against such activity absent fraudulent intent."
Quantity of Penny Knife
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